Physics and Scratch - Piotr Nieżurawski

Physics-related projects in Scratch. At the beginning - skeletons that you can remix and create, for example, games. Then you find some bigger projects.
Scratch is developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. It is available for free on scratch.mit.edu.

Skeletons or bare-bones simulations and animations

Vertical motion

Projectile motion 1

Projectile motion 2

Oscillator 1

Oscillator 2

Oscillator 3 - comparison

Center of mass


Binary star

Many celestial bodies

Inelastic collision 1D

Elastic collision 1D

Damped oscillator 1

Damped oscillator 2

Mathematical pendulum

Simulations and animations with extras

Throw and discover

Play with vectors - part 1 (2D Vector Library demo)

Studios managed by me

Play Physics

Play Mathematics

About me, about the site, contact

For many years I have been teaching physics, mainly as a lecturer at the Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw . Scratch is an attractive platform for children and teenagers. I am sure it can be used to familiarize them with the elements of physics. And that's why I made this page. I hope that soon Scratch (version 3.0) will allow us to create even better projects, especially with higher resolution of the stage.
Piotr Nieżurawski

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